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Potterton 062699 Screw No.6 X 9.5Mm

Potterton boiler parts.co.uk are major suppliers of the Potterton Kingfisher Mf Rsl40 062699 Screw No.6 X 9.5Mm, being a major supplier we only sell GENUINE Potterton 062699 Screw No.6 X 9.5Mm boiler spare parts to the safety and performance specification of your heating appliance, giving you the confidence that you're only buying GENUINE Potterton spare parts for the maintenance and boiler repair of your Potterton Boiler.

Potterton 062699





Kingfisher Mf Rsl40


Screw No.6 X 9.5Mm

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  Price: £2.85 Excl vat

When purchasing your Potterton 062699 Screw No.6 X 9.5Mm you can be assured you are purchasing a GENUINE Potterton Spare Part, Potterton Boiler Parts.co.uk saving you valuable time and money, and providing you the peace of mind that you are buying genuine Potterton boiler spares from a genuine company. Beware of inferior Potterton boiler parts on the internet, which are often substandard and potentially dangerous.

Genuine Potterton Boiler Spares Direct to your doorstep nextday delivery

Geunine manufacturered spare part by Potterton

Over the life span of your Potterton appliance, Potterton may update or change the design of the spare part supplied without prior notice, this is down to their continued improvement to quility and may mean the part supplied is not exactly as shown in the installation manuals or photograph provided, but is the correct and current boiler spare part/s provided.

Safety Information

This product should only be fitted by a suitably qualified or competent person in accordance with any manufacturer's instructions

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When replacing any part on Potterton appliances, use only genuine Potterton boiler spare parts that you can be assured conform to the safety and performance specification that the boiler manufacturer recommends. For your safety & your families, please do not use reconditioned or copy parts that have not been clearly authorised by the boiler manufacturer.